Best Tennis Podcasts You Can Listen To Right Now

You can't go wrong with this list of the best tennis podcast to improve your tennis game and stay in the know.

Tennis podcasts are one of the best ways to keep up with your favorite sport. They give you insight into everything you need to know about upcoming tournaments, matches, player news, and more.

Listening to tennis podcasts, which is sometimes a downloadable tennis podcast, will entertain you and improve your game skills ‒ and there is no better way to listen to your favorite sport while multitasking. The channels let you be part of an inside circle that knows what's happening in the world of tennis.

That said, let's look at our picks for the best tennis podcasts that you should follow:

The Tennis Podcast

The Tennis Podcast offers listeners solid tennis reviews and analyses of both small and big matches. The podcast breakdowns information about players' responses during interviews or press conferences, provides critical points on various games, and analyzes current and future tennis players to watch. 

The hosts of this podcast include Catherine Whitaker, David Law, and Matt Roberts. With this trio, there is never a dull moment.

ATP Tennis Radio Podcast

ATP Tennis Radio Podcast is an audio show featuring weekly interviews with coaches and players and discussions about tennis events and tournaments. The podcast is an excellent place to listen to the latest tennis news and learn from the best. 

The podcast is famous for hosting some of the best players in the history of tennis. Its episodes last for about 40 minutes, and you can listen to the podcast twice a week.

Functional Tennis Podcast

Whether you're just a tennis fan or a professional looking to improve your mentality about the game, Functional Tennis Podcast is one of the best tennis podcasts to tune into. The podcast has some of the latest and up-to-date commentaries about tennis events, tournaments, and more.

They also bring professional tennis players, trainers, coaches, and agents on the show.

WTA Insider

The Women's Tennis Association podcast brings you the latest WTA news and in-depth analysis of tennis tournaments, events, and players. The podcast is hosted by Courtney Nguyen, who is also a senior writer of the WTA insider. 

This podcast is the go-to source for women’s tennis-related topics.

Racquet Magazine Podcast

The Racquet Magazine Podcast lets you listen to all kinds of tennis-related topics. Hosts Rennae Stubbs and Caitlin Thompson provide tennis fans unfiltered and unapologetic looks into the lives of tennis players.

The episodes last between 45 and 60 minutes, offering an exciting mix of behind tennis scenes stories, human, and tennis events. Podcast

The Tennis Channel features many short episodes that you can enjoy listening to while doing other things. The podcast usually has guests that give listeners different perspectives of the tennis game. 

Tennis podcast hosts also motivate tennis lovers through frequent interviews and analyses of tennis players. The hosts include the WTA player Irina Falconi and Nina Pantic.

No Challenges Remaining  

No Challenges Remaining is one of the oldest tennis podcasts today. The channel has been around for over eight years and has over 300 episodes. 

Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen, the hosts, discuss a range of tennis perspectives. They also cover controversial topics while keeping you informed about the latest in the world of tennis.

Beyond The Baseline 

Beyond The Baseline is a weekly tennis podcast that lets you listen to some of the best sports figures and influential tennis personalities. The podcast is run by producer Jamie Lisanti and Jon Wertheim, who are media professionals and entertainers.

Beyond The Baseline also includes recaps and previews about grand slam tournaments and offers listeners candid conversations about professional tennis. 

Jules on the Hustle 

This channel helps you enhance your mindset about tennis and get out of your comfort zone. Julie Elbaba, one of the best tennis reporters and a professional tennis player by day, hosts a wide variety of tennis players who share tips and motivative listeners. 

Talk Tennis Podcast 

Talk Tennis Podcast is a tennis show produced by Tennis Warehouse. The Podcast features detailed discussions on touring pros and all-tennis lessons and tricks. The Podcast also provides its fans with the history of professional tennis experts and the recap of their legendary performances. The Podcast ensures you stay up-to-date with tennis trends, statistics, and emerging issues.

Three: A Tennis Show

Three: A Tennis Show is a podcast show situated in Los Angeles and hosted by Gill Gross.

The podcast discusses the life and career path of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. The show provides details on their way to tennis success, history, tactics and technical capabilities, their rivalries, and a lot more.

The podcast features one episode every week, which takes an average length of up to forty minutes.

Tennis Anyone with Michael Kosta

Tennis Anyone with Michael Kosta is a tennis show which Michael Kosta, an ATP singles record holder, hosts. What else could you expect of a former tennis personality that made it to the top ten Tennis Greats in Illinois? Other than being a professional tennis player, Michael Konsa is also a pro in stand-up comedy. Tennis lessons, tricks, and of course fun is all you should expect from the show.

The podcast features one episode per week, which takes up to thirty-five minutes.

Intercollegiate Tennis Association

With its massive Twitter following (20.8 K followers), the Intercollegiate Tennis Association is for sure a favorite tennis podcast. The podcast features discussions on matters tennis, including what's trending on tennis sports, coaching sessions, and of course, a lot of fun. Dave Mullins is the host, and he occasionally invites guests (tennis personalities) for discussions.

The podcast has one session every month. One episode takes up to fifty minutes.

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