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Five More Sky Channels Coming to Virgin’s EPG | Gizmodo UK

This is good news for all the sports lovers in the UK who subscribed to Virgin’s EPG!

According to Gizmodo, Sky and Virgin Media have shuffled the terms of their agreement to bring Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports 4 HD, Sky Sports F1 HD, Sky Sports News HD and Sky News HD to the Virgin line-up. In addition to that, the new channels will also be added to Virgin’s desktop and mobile streaming services.

For all of those who are already customers of Virgin, it means they will now be able to have access to all Sky channels with the one exception of Sky’s Sky Atlantic premium channel.

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Golf Holidays Abroad – Things To Know

If you still assume that a spectacular golf break abroad, for instance in France must cost the world you would be mistaken!

Today, the golfer can find a variety of great package deals online that make the next dream golf holiday a lot more affordable.

golf in franceThe most popular golf holiday destinations today are France, Italy and Spain but there are more destinations such as Turkey, Portugal or even further away such as Asia if you want it really exotic.

However, those who want to go to Italy or France for their favourite sport can do so today for very little money and travel times will be very short, say, if you happen to fly from the UK.

Both of those countries have many hundreds of world-class gold courses and resorts that can provide the avid golfer everything they could even wish for. The top locations there will have courses that are more often than not among Europe’s Top 100 gold courses. For instance, Biarritz as one particular very popular destination for golfers has twelve courses in total with four of them in the Top 100 and another four in the French Top 50.

What do you get when you book a golf holiday today?

Most reputable providers for these types of trips will know about and cater to the wishes of their golf enthusiast clientele. The packages available will normally include several days in a world-class hotel plus breakfast and dinners. You will get a green pass that will allow you to play on the golf courses of your chosen destination. In pretty much all major golf holiday travel destinations there will be different types of courses with varying difficulties that can range from beginner courses to challenging courses for those who seek a true challenge.

Most of the time, the golf break packages will include shuttle transfers from and to the airport. There will also be transport options so you can easily get around all the courses in one particular area. Then again, it’s likely that most courses will be close to where your hotel or resort is which means that getting to your favourite course is only a matter of a short walk.

Golf holidays will be a great option for you if you’re getting tired of the crowds and the bad weather back home. For your favourite sport you want perfect conditions and those often cannot be had back at home, say if you happen to live in the UK. The famous golf spots there are so overcrowded that they’re unsuitable for the golf enthusiast who seeks a relaxed and tranquil game as most of us to. In France or Italy, despite the world-class courses and the amazing golfing weather you won’t have to deal with any crowds, stress and hectic.

The above are just some of the reasons why golf breaks in those countries are the best you can do if you want to play a truly fantastic game without having to spend a fortune!


BBC News – Donald Trump plans to ‘tweak’ Turnberry golf resort

According to the BBC News, property tycoon Donald Trump has  plans to tweak the Turnberry golf course and not redesign it.


The Turnberry Golf Resort

In the recently posted article, the new owner of the Ayrshire resort spoke about his plans as he arrived by private jet in Aberdeen.

Trump said he would not be making any changes to Turnberry without the approval of golf’s governing body, The Royal And Ancient.

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On Horse Racing Tips

Is there really something like a surefire horse racing system, a betting system that can beat the odds at the races in your favor?

horse-racing-3If you ask many of the casual horse racing enthusiasts in the United Kingdom they will likely tell you no.

But what about those professional horse racing experts who seem to beats the odds constantly, despite many others saying that horse races are nothing more than a lottery where luck is everything and this is supposedly all that counts?

As so often, the truth is somewhere in between.

According to one horse racing expert from the UK that we interviewed last week, there are indeed horse racing tips that work. Those systems, however, are not having a lot to do with voodoo magic but can be summed up with one simple word: Knowledge.

When it comes to horse racing tips, knowledge is everything!

Several very successful horse betting pros swear by keeping track of all the losses and wins as a way to determine patterns when it comes to winning horses and their jockeys. We’ve been told that the secret is to know what combination would have the best odds of winning on a giving track, rather than to gamble.

The professionals get their insight information about each and any horse by studying them over months, many of them are actually keeping track of everything in journals or using special computer programs.

“You could ask me about how to get horse racing tips and I could make up something and sell it to you for a lot of money”, says Jim Minter from Cardiff to our reporter. “But to be honest, such ‘secret’ systems don’t exist. What works is when you work hard so that you’ll ultimately be able to use the knowledge you’re getting to your advantage. This is how all horse betting professional do it and if someone tells you otherwise they’re not telling the truth”.

So, if you’re interested to make some money next time at the races, makes sure you don’t fall for the many bogus systems out there. Choose a reliable and reputable horse betting professional and increase your chances of winning with their proven betting tips that are based on knowledge rather than hocus-pocus.

Liverpool top Premier League earnings with €120m – English Football News | UK Soccer Results, Fixtures & Tables | The – Wed, May 14, 2014

Liverpool top Premier League earnings with €120m

Bottom-placed Cardiff earned more than United won as champions the year before

As per an article found in the Irish Times, Liverpool topped the Premier League earnings table despite finishing second to Manchester City this season, while Cardiff earned more from finishing bottom this season than Manchester United earned as champions the previous campaign.

The league’s new €6.7 billion broadcast deal meant Cardiff received €76 million in finishing 20th this term, compared to United’s €74.4 million for winning the 2012/13 title.

via Liverpool top Premier League earnings with €120m – English Football News | UK Soccer Results, Fixtures & Tables | The – Wed, May 14, 2014.


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